Dec 052011
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Recently, I wanted to use the built-in iSight on my Mac under my Windows 7 virtual machine that I run under VMware Fusion.  I figured that the VMware Tools would have installed drivers for it, but this is not the case.  Under normal circumstances, you’d need to run Boot Camp Assistant located under /Applications/Utilities and have it download the drivers and burn them to a CD for you.  For some reason, this wasn’t working in my set up as Boot Camp Utility kept giving me an error that it couldn’t modify my disk’s partitions to work with Boot Camp properly.  That’s great, but I didn’t really want it to do anything with my partitions anyways since I’m just planning on installing the drivers and not building a separate Boot Camp install of Windows.  

In the end, I had to wind up creating another Mac OS X Lion VM under Fusion and I was able to download the drivers properly  from Boot Camp Assistant from that VM and burn them to a CD.  It turns out you don’t need all of the drivers and software it burns to the CD if you just want the camera to work.  I pulled out the iSight drivers and went through the installation.  Just download the installers below, attach the camera to your VM, run the executables, and follow the prompts.

Attach iSight Camera Screenshot

Attach the iSight Camera to your Virtual Machine


iSight Driver Setup Step 1 Screen Capture


iSight Driver Setup Step 2 Screen Capture



iSight Driver Setup Step 3 Screen Capture


And once that’s complete, the camera should show up in device manager and be usable.

Device Manager Screen Shot

Windows now detects the iSight Camera!

It’s just that easy, just that quick.  And now with out further ado, here are the drivers for the iSight.  Below you’ll find the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the driver provided by Apple.

  9 Responses to “iSight Camera in Windows on VMware Fusion”

  1. thanks u solved my problem
    but when the camera driver is installed and while running it on msg or skype
    it give slow motion picture….
    my pc is apple macbook 2.5
    thank you

    • Glad to help you out. It might just be the nature of the beast, using a piece of hardware on a hypervisor. I’ve noticed it runs a tad delayed on my MBP as well, but it’s quite useable. Other things to consider are latency in your network connection and if you’ve given your Windows VM enough resources (ie RAM).

  2. Hey Greg I thank you as well. Do you have any other drivers provided by Apple? I need drivers for my speakers, mic and keyboard. Your help will be highly appreciated.

  3. Thanx a lot!

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  5. Brillant and thanks – win 7 now recongnises iSight as a device and works in Skype, yet to try the share screen option in skype though.

    Many thanks and blessings.

  6. Really appreciated. Solve my problem. Thanks.

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