Mar 032011

My son and I have been taking Take Kwon Do classes for the past year and a half or so.  We found a class that is held at the local church up the road from us.  The school of Tae Kwon Do that is being instructed is Choong Sil Kwon, the school of constant and never-ending improvement.

I just recently got my green belt which is the third promotion I’ve received (white, yellow, upper yellow, green).  Up until now promoting from one belt to another meant memorizing definitions of the forms we learn at each belt and the meaning of the belt, kicking drills, and the forms themselves.

My intent is to collect everything I need to learn onto a page here so that I can refer to it when I need to.  I also plan on including videos of the forms since it’s nigh impossible to learn how to perform them simply by reading how to do them.  Until then, I’m just going to keep on practicing.