May 012011

I recently got a Bluetooth Magic Mouse for my Mac Book Pro.  It’s a great piece of hardware.  I love the gesture feature, especially when browsing.  It’s pretty sweet to be able to go back a page or forward by simply swiping your fingers left or right on the top of the mouse.  In the past couple of weeks, though, the mouse has been randomly disconnecting.  It was annoying but since the MBP has a track pad built into the wrist rest, it was relatively easy to reconnect it.  Not so for those who have an iMac or Mac Pro and have to connect a USB mouse in order to reconnect.  I eventually figured out that the disconnect “feature” was reproducible any time I knocked the mouse against the side of my laptop or reached the edge of the mouse pad and had to pick up the mouse and set it down again.  It also came to my attention that if I set the mouse next to the track pad and click, it reconnects.

I ultimately found several threads detailing the same problem.  One of the proposed fixes was to jam some paper into the battery compartment.  I did so, but it wasn’t really clear to me how.  After some playing around, I found that one configuration that works is a piece of paper across the bottom of the battery compartment 3 pieces high, the batteries, then two more pieces of paper on top of the batteries, followed by the batter cover.  That seems to have cut down the number of disconnects in a most significant manner.  Now to find a real solution to this issue rather than applying a band-aid.  I’ll probably have to give a call to the Apple store.