Dean Markley Lives!

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Apr 092011

I was browsDean Markely Strings - Regularing around on Amazon a couple weeks ago and I came across these beauts.  The Dean Markley vintage re-issue strings, regular gauge.  I used to play these things back in the 90′s and I absolutely loved them.  They maintain great tone and last longer than other strings I’ve tried.  The best part is the regular gauge are sufficiently heavy to fit my taste (.10 tops, .46 bottoms).  I picked up a set and they are just like I remember.  The only thing missing is the Dean Markley sticker that came in every pack.  That was a little disappointing.  In any case, a great set of strings.  I might try the light top heavy bottoms next time, but those may be a little heavier than what I want to put on my Strat.