Oct 082011

This past Friday, my son and I attended promotional testing; I for my upper green belt, he for his green belt.  Despite being a few ranks up from white, this was our first public promotional testing.  We were both a little nervous and weren’t quite sure what to expect.  In this instance, they split us up by white and yellow belts, green belts, and blue, red, and black belts, so my son and I weren’t in the same group.  There were a ton of white and yellow belts to be tested this time around and I felt kind of bad for the kids in that group.  Some of them sure looked bored waiting for their turn.

I didn’t get to see everything he did, but it looked like they had the white and yellow belts run through all four forms (Chon-Ji, Song Song, Dan Gun, and Do San), get quizzed on their definitions/knowledge, and then perform their kicking drills.  It was pretty much the same story for the green belts – six patterns, definitions, then sparring instead of kicking drills.  Overall I think I did really well, though I have to admit it got a little dicey while I was performing  Yom Gom.  Some of my stances weren’t quite right.  For some reason there was a sequence where I couldn’t decide between a front stance or fighting stance, but other than that I think I performed well.

Aside from my son and I, there was one other yellow belt and three students going for their decided black belts that were from our class.  I was pretty glad to see that all the students in our specific class performed really well.  I helped hold their boards for them and with the exception of one person who broke three of his four boards, everyone in my class broke their four boards.

So now my daughter, who started taking Tae Kwon Do about six months ago, now wants to test at the next round of testing.  I’m pretty sure she can be ready, and it will be nice to see her do so.  I think yellow would look good on her.  I myself have also set a goal to test again in two months for my blue belt.  I’m pretty sure I can learn everything that needs to be learned in two months and do it well.  Now I have something to work toward.

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