Sep 012011

Reagan - Who is Awesome?If you’ve ever been in a store, library, or some other public place that has a community bulletin board, you’ve no doubt seen the ads that people put up that have the little pull tabs at the bottom that have a phone number on them.  Apparently certain people thought it would be funny to create less-than-sincere ads and post them in various places.  I thought some of them were pretty good, and I wanted to put one or two up in places near me.  So I went ahead and re-created them.  I’ve also created a few of my own.

Here’s a collection of the ones I’ve found around the Internet and came up with on my own.  I am making them available in pdf format so that you can print them out and put them up if you’d like.  Enjoy!

Download and print out the PDF’s!



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  1. Thanks man! Thats great stuff!

    Very funny!

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