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Hi, I’m Greg. I’ve been working in the technology field in one capacity or another for longer than I care to admit.  I am currently a Unix Systems Engineer for the nation’s largest online mortgage lender and am also a managing partner with The Linux Fix.  While I enjoy working with Unix and Linux systems and other related technologies, I enjoy spending my free time playing guitar and practicing Tae Kwon Do and spending time with my beautiful wife and two wonderful kids. I’ve had a lot of experiences along the way and I hope that some of things I share here can help out a few people who will either run into the same situations or in some other way find my brain dump useful.

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  1. Hi Greg,
    I’m embarking on a blue LED pickup and trem cavity project on my Jackson Kelly KE3. A 9v battery will fit in the volume cavity nicely. I have some 15 blue Xmas LEDs into an 2 x AA battery pack that I am going to chop up. You state you used a resistor to bring the voltage down from 9v. What does this resistor look like and surely this just heats thing up wasting electricity doesn’t it?

    I’d appreciate your opinion.

    Many thanks……Paul K

  2. it is good to find fellow programers that enjoy TKD.

  3. Hi Greg,

    i Have an error with the LDAP library:

    XXX succssfully authenticated, but is not allowed because the username was not found in an allowed access group

    How can i specify the gropus ??

    thanks !

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